Social Responsibility!

Coal is about energy. Energy quite simply, is about facilitating progress, encouraging growth and enabling development. At Ecca we understand that energy isn't about industry, it's about people and improving the lives of the people that comprise the communities we operate in.

That's why we're involved in the development of Alternative Energy, this involves a world class technology for converting coal slurry, discard and waste coal to “green” energy. Ecca owns exclusive rights to innovative and proven “green-coal” power generation technology. Our ultimate aim is to be self-sufficient at all our mines, thereby bringing some relief to the national grid. Ecca likes to facilitate progress in the local communities wherever it operates. Our social responsibilities include facilitating meaningful project in the local communities, including Skills Development, Career Progression, Employment Equity, Procurement Policy, Mentorship and External Bursary initiatives.


Ecca’s operations will always fully comply with the provisions of the Mine Health and Safety Act.

Our joint venture partners have impeccable safety records and the Group continues to look for ways and means to improve the interests and the safety of all its personnel. Effective management practices and education programmes ensure the safety of staff and communities involved in projects. 

"Nucoal Mining’s safety record at Woestalleen Colliery, has reached an exceptional achievement of almost 3 million Fatality Free Man shifts, 4550 fatality free working days and a total of 9100 fatality free production shifts"

Social Responsibility

As our collective stake in the industry develops, so our commitment to community projects expand.

We embrace the ideals of the Mining Charter and encourage all our stake holders to be socially responsible.

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